We are number one for yachting flights!

Our long experience in business and our profound know-how make us the leading expert when it comes to organizing and planning flights for sailing and yachting. No matter if you go on your own or as a group, we will find the perfect flight schedule that fits your individual needs best, so you can enjoy a relaxing sailing vacation even before it starts.

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Our team knows the particularities and challenges that come within a sailing trip. They know exactly how to assist you best in all aspects and situations that you might face when organizing your sailing trip. We take care of your matters, from ticket booking, sending the travel documents to you, over dealing with ticket changes to resolving open questions…we are always happy to serve you!

Reaction Time

“Life is what happens when something completely different is planned” Even for those situations … we are prepared. If you decide to change your reservation in last minute, maybe because a friend fell ill or one more person joined your group – we are happy to do our best to make your wish(es) come true. Our great flexibility allows us to meet your individual needs and guarantees the highest level of comfort during your journey.


To make your arrival or departure even more comfortable, we now offer our premium transfer service that picks you up at the arrival airport and takes you straight to the harbour/marina. This way you can avoid carrying around your heavy luggage and no unfriendly taxi driver ruins your day. Also you avoid crowded couches that trudge around all the hotels of the area first before dropping you. We prefer taking you straight to your place of destination without detours or loss of time! Depending on the size of your group, we organize the right transport for you!