A trouble-free flight is an essential part of a successful charter trip.

The world of aviation is changing: airlines go bankrupt, strikes by pilots or ground crew lead to flight cancellations and delays, through which the connecting flight is missed.

We want our customers to enjoy an optimal service, because a successful journey is the precondition for a relaxed trip – and a safe trip home the perfect conclusion.

We therefore recommend YACHT-POOL FLIGHT-SERVICE, an independent company of the YACHT-POOL group, which specializes in air travel for charter customers and is staffed by long-standing professionals in this field. Therefore, YACHT-POOL FLIGHT-SERVICE enjoys an excellent reputation in the charter industry for over 12 years

The competence and customer-friendliness, the fairness, speed and the favorable price level were impressively confirmed by the Wirtschafts-Woche in October 2018:

McFlight, the flight booking portal of YACHT-POOL FLIGHT-SERVICE has been named the overall winner of 18 Internet portals!

There are more than 19,000 flight cancellations per year – so it’s a good idea to book your flight with YACHT-POOL FLIGHT-SERVICE. Because only here you get the free full service of the travel manager for charter customers:

What do we offer you with this service and how does it work?

  • Flight cancellations and delays are no exception these days. YACHT-POOL FLIGHT-SERVICE offers a 24-hour service that will book you on the next possible replacement flight. An important point, because when a flight is canceled, it sometimes affects a hundred or more people who look for alternatives on overloaded information desks. YACHT-POOL FLIGHT-SERVICE has direct access to all air connections worldwide and can immediately book the vacancies of the next matching flight, which is a major problem or even impossible for a normal travel agency outside office hours.
  • You contact YACHT-POOL FLIGHT-SERVICE directly and email your desired arrival and departure dates – also for different crew members from different airports.
  • At your request, YACHT-POOL FLIGHT-SERVICE will forward your arrival times to the charter base to organize the transfer. If there
  • are delays or flight cancellations, the base will be informed accordingly.
  • YACHT-POOL FLIGHT-SERVICE will take care of refunds of your money in case of flight cancellations and delays: Due to the passenger rights regulation the airlines are obliged to pay refunds up to € 600 for late or canceled flights. Indeed, the administrative hurdle to get this compensation is too high for many customer. YACHT-POOL FLIGHT-SERVICE informs you within one hour, if you are entitled and takes over the complete handling, if desired by you.

Exemplary some customer reactions:

Dear Mr. Knauf,
Once again, you have proven that you and your team are unmatched in the lead of flight agents in Germany. Nowhere else in my many years of experience have I come to know a higher level of competence paired with almost limitless service readiness. For many years now, I warmly recommend you everywhere and have already received a lot of recognition. Good luck to you and your team.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Leander Bathon, Frankfurt/Main

Dear Mr. Knauf,
I am very grateful to you for your help on Saturday in Munich. From one second to the other the area of the airport in Munich was locked in which I was. At the counters formed huge queues. At 4 pm I called you, in less than 20 minutes you called me back to let me know that you had already rewritten my ticket. In contrast to several thousand stray travelers who tried unsuccessfully to reach the hopelessly overloaded call centers of airlines or mass flight booking portals, I leaned back relaxed. I thank you very much Mr. Knauf and will recommend you and your team at any time.

Herzliche Grüße, Barbara Stodolak, Salzburg

Hello H. Schittler,
we actually made it home again. Although the Real Tonga caused us some unnecessary stress at the end, it was a very eventful holiday. On this occasion, I would like to thank you for your support.

Herzlich Grüße, Volker Trumm, Gries

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Yacht Pool Team,
Thank you very much for the perfect organization of the return transport from the departure and destination port! After all, you had confirmed our return flights from Martinique with the airlines, also for that my very sincere thanks.
Since I’ve only had the very best experience with you on perfectly fitting transport connections at very reasonable prices so far, I will gladly recommend you at any time.
With the best thanks and best wishes for a merry christmas and a happy new year,

Prof. Dr. Heiner Mueller-Krumbhaar, Monheim

Dear Yachtpool – Team, Mr. Knauf,
I wanted to contact you to thank you again for the help with the transfer of our flights from Dalaman to Munich, especially for the upgrade to the premium economy.
Again thank you very much.

Dr. Hans Scheithauer, München

Dear Stefan,
I want to thank you for a brilliant service & support you gave us to get the Pantene booking done in the name of the client Grey Beirut, Sabrina Jales and myself!
It has been extreme due the “Iceland Vulcan” activities but I felt all the way positive to get Sabrina Jales save from NY to Prag.
Best regards,

Sven F. Luzio, Director of Sales Europe Women Management Paris